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Welcome to the 4th La Copa Loca Marathon at Corrientes Basel, we are looking forward to seeing you!

Please also note the information to COVID-19

We are now almost 30 couples, about 60 registered persons, including staff we could be up to 40 couples.
We recommend wearing a mask if the distance cannot be kept (e.g. buffet). Wearing masks for dancing is not taboo. But there is no obligation.
The weather will be nice, with pleasant temperatures. Thanks to 40 square meters of dance floor outside there will be enough space until 22.30h to „keep your distance“.

  • When you arrive at Corrientes next Friday, please report to the bar. There you will take care of the financial matters (cash or card in sfr. or €), you will also get the control tape and a small welcome drink
  • For jackets and coats there is a wardrobe just on the right of the entrance to the dance room. For larger luggage please contact the bar.
  • A rich snack buffet, coffee, water and tea –  as well as the midnight soup – are included in the basic price of Sfr. 65/€ 60.-. Alcoholics and other drinks are available at the bar.
  • One door further than the entrance to Corrientes is the entrance to the „Caminito„, the tango course room above a metal workinspace. Here the brunch takes place on Saturday 13h – 14h and the dinner on Saturday 19h – 20h. The room can also be used as a chill location.
  • For the rich brunch (10.-) and (vegan) dinner (15.-) you can register until next Tuesday evening (1.09.2020) at the latest.
  • The actual marathon is accompanied by various tango events at the same location, which are also open to non-registered participants and are not included in the marathon price:
    Pre-Milonga on Thu 3.09.2020 (20h – 00.30) Flores del Alma (traditionel) (10.-)
    Lunch Milonga/Practica on Fr. 4.09.2020, 12.00 – 14.30 (7.-)
    OnlyTangoBrunch – cozy brunching and dancing on Sun, 6. 09 2020, 11-16h (15.-))
    After-Milonga on Sun 6.09.2020 (19h – 23h) El Zapato viejo meets La Copa Loca
    50:50 traditionel-alternative (10.-)
    Marathon participants pay 50% or Fr. 15.- for all together
  • The tango club Corrientes has its home in Gundeldingerfeld in a converted industrial area at Dornacherstrasse 192, Hall 2 west, Basel

Link zu Google Maps: Corrientes Basel

More informations:

Further questions: or during the whole marathon at the bar

Enjoy your stay!