DJane/DJ November 2022

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DJane Kimy Tran, France

Originally from Vietnam, Kimy grew up in a family of musicians which led her to be a choir singer at the Hanoi opera house.
Arrived in France, she began a different life without cutting ties with music.
She discovered the tango and quickly became passionate about it.  She will start dancing to all types of music, in Europe and Asia.
Through her music program, Kimy wishes to transmit her travel experiences and this feeling of happiness acquired with the neotango.

Originaire du Viêtnam, Kimy grandit dans une famille de musiciens ce qui la conduira à être choriste à l’opéra de Hanoi 
Arrivée en France, elle a entamé une vie différente sans couper les ponts avec la musique.
Elle découvre le tango et en devient vite passionnée. Elle commencera à danser sur tout types de musiques, en Europe et en Asie
A travers son programmes de musiques, Kimy souhaite transmettre ses expériences de voyages et cette sensation de bonheur acquise  avec le neotango.


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DJane Mari Olschewski, Hamburg, Germany
Her music is very versatile, Jazz, Electro, Blues, Rock, Ambient, Oriental, Dubstep, Klassik, Folk, Trip Hop, Contemporary Tango, Rap, Chansons…. Hamburg is on the water and the musical mood on her Milongas is like a wave, always in motion.


DJ* Nico* (Basel)
  A sociologue and former Hip Hop dancer djing Tango..? Yes indeed! Nico* co-organizes the alternative milonga La Catrina in Basel. Her djing is influenced by many different music styles from around the globe and focuses on nontango-songs, but also includes Electrotango and contemporary Tango. Let’s jump – and dance – into this futuristic tango adventure!
Neolonga La Catrina


DJ Phil, Toulouse, France


DJ Harald von Kreudell, Karlsruhe, Germany
Tango is fascinating in its variations of rhythm, mood and emotion. I love to dance to music that inspires me. For more than 25 years now I have been a tango DJ in Germany and other countries and have compiled my music to which you can dance sensually, passionately, erotically and tenderly.
Tango ist faszinierend in seinen Variationen des Rhythmus, der Stimmung und der Emotionen. Ich tanze gerne zu Musik, die mich inspiriert. Seit mehr als 25 Jahren bin ich nun Tango-DJ in Deutschland und anderen Ländern und habe meine Musik zusammengestellt, zu der man sinnlich, leidenschaftlich, erotisch und zart tanzen kann.


Jens Stuller
Jens Stuller aus Berlin mischt tanzbare Musik für Neotango und Nontango von modernen Tangobands, mit Folk, Pop oder Jazz. Er legt regelmäßig freitags bei einer Neo-Milonga im Haus der Sinne in Berlin und sonntags auf einer Milonga in einem Park in Berlin auf.
Jens Stuller from Berlin mixes danceable music for neotango and nontango by modern tango bands with folk, pop or jazz. He regularly DJs at a neo-milonga in the Haus der Sinne in Berlin on Fridays and at a milonga in a park in Berlin on Sundays.


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DJ Heiner  (local), Milonga La Copa Loca Basel
Nontango / Nuevo & aktuelle Orchester


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DJ Udo (local)