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    May Edition 2024_ Single Milongas

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    singlecouple (your partner must fill in the registration form too)

    Registration for
    Friday night (€/Fr. 30.-)Friday night and Saturday afternoon (€/Fr. 55.-)Friday night and whole Saturday (€/Fr. 100.-)Saturday afternoon (€/Fr. 25.-)Saturday night (€/Fr. 35.-)whole Saturday (€/Fr. 60.-)whole Saturday and whole Sunday (€ / Fr. 100.-)Saturday night and Sunday afternoon (€/Fr. 60.-)Saturday night and whole Sunday (€/Fr. 75.-)Sunday afternoon (€/Fr. 25.-)whole Sunday (€/Fr. 40.-)Afterparty Sunday (€/Fr. 20.-)complete Marathon (€ 120 / Fr. 120.-)

    Registration for additional brunch, dinner on Saturday or Sunday
    Other wishes for single meals please add to message, we will return the registration fee with the registration confirmation.
    Other combination of registration and meal - Please note in the message fieldno meal, € 120.- / Sfr. 120.- only 3 day - Marathon with soup and snacks€ 145.- / Sfr. 145.- incl. brunch on Saturday and Sunday€ 160.- / Sfr. 160.- incl. brunch, dinner on Saturday and brunch on Sunday